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Are you serious??!! It seems like it has been forever since I have done a blog! I have been really busy for a while now with school and work so I have not been having too much free time.  The fact that I am posting this blog now is not indicating that I have some free time because in fact I do not. I feel that it is my duty to all humanity to share with the wordpress community and possibly every computer occupying the World Wide Web my opinions about a certain news article on my browser’s homepage, Yahoo!. Shark Facts From ‘Shark Week’: The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Sharks showed a series of “myths” about the kings of the sea. I’m not too knowledgeable of sharks or their habits but when I reached the 3rd picture in the collection of myth picture, I just had to ask…Are You Serious?!!! When I caught sight of the myth about sharks being man-eaters getting dubbed as being false, I felt obligated to speak up. First of all, you can not tell people that sharks do not eat man. Although they might have stronger appetites for seals, fish, and even other sharks doesn’t mean they won’t decide to munch on a human if nothing else is around.  Not to arouse offense, but I can care less how much they observed these sharks to reach these conclusions. I will not put myself out there as a target to a sea species that is notarious for using their razor sharps teeth, or should I say fangs, to rip humans in half. This leads me into my next point. Even though the Great White Sharks didn’t mess with the people in the area, I bet not anyone was brave enough to hover around one of these creatures for too long. When a person has actually mustered up the guts to actually play with a shark and they make it back from that experience in one piece, I will believe that the myth is false. Even then I would still be uneasy about swimming to far out into the ocean to tell you the truth. Man can never understand nature and vice-versa. With all this said, the best advice I can give anyone is to be smart and safe when ever you are in a potentially dangerous situation.


Are people serious though? Why do people find so much pleasure in exposing the personal lives of celebrities. There are plenty of people who are doing ten times worst than Woods!! The fact of the matter regardless of who’s worst off is that no one is perfect. Everyone no mattter how much of a goody two shoes they seem, have their problems and issues. The paparazzi’s are merely taking a picture from the outside looking in on Tiger. They dont know enough about him to judge the life he live. For all we know one of the interviewers of one of Tiger’s mistresses could be cheating on his wife with mltiple women but we don’t see his name on all the vicarious news reels!!
Why is it that Americans idolize those of great fame and fortune to the point where the moment a big name celebrity such as Tiger does something scandalous, they are instantly socially outcast, and everyone familiar with his name becomes a judge.
I suggest that before you look into the eye of the Tiger, first glance into the eye of the beholder……

Happy News Years!!! It’s 2010 and I have not been on wordpress or did anything new since I completed my final blog entry for my FYE 1220 class. Since I went through the trouble of getting a blog site for that orientation college course, I say what the hell…..Might as well put this site to use. Besides it a new year, where I PROMISED to my self that I would begin to become more organized in my life. This is only one out of many promises I made to myself for 2010. The reason why the goals I attend to accomplish for this new year are more than resolutions. They are promises because promises are not suppose to be broken and plus its a true test of my determination since a person who can’t hold a promise to them self, sure enough can not hold a promise to someone else.

Remembering when I first got into social media networks, I was weary of putting my picture up on my Bebo site which was like my Facebook when I was a freshmen in high school. My mom had always warned me about putting too much information on the internet due to the many creeps out there that may be a little too eager to meet you in person. If you are new to social media networks and you are wondering what all you should expect, here are some important things to remember when you make your profile and start networking.

1. Don’t put your home address on your site. Millions of people have access to your page so there is no telling who may be knocking at your front door.

2. Don’t put your phone number on your site. As I previously said anyone can get it if you put it out there. Also if they have your phone number, they can also track you down.

3. Don’t post any incriminating or inappropriate pictures on your site. Employers, school officials, and even law enforcement has access to your site. Posting a picture that should have never been taken can lead to termination from employment or even much more serious consequences.

4.  Do make good use of the people on your friend list. If you are a college student like me, the people in your network can come in handy when you have issues and concerns with class. Just always make sure you have someone from your classes on your friend list.

5. Do network. As you get more professional, you will find that it is not always what you not as much as it is who you know. Meeting and connecting with people is one of the main purposes of social media networks. If you need a job use it to your advantage.

6. Don’t leave your site up on any computer. A couple of times, I have logged on to my Facebook to find some status update that I do not remember posting. Where ever you log on to your site at, be sure to log out when you are finished or your room mate will get you.

I watched the Podcasts of “Why does the United States flouridate water” and “Why do people think the world iis going to end in 2012”. These podcasts were from the website and I liked the theme of the podcasts as “Stuff they dont want you to know”. For some reason or another, I have always thought that there was alot of underground conspiracies that corruption in the U.S government has covered up.  These guys just reinforced these thoughts  I had about global pyramid schemes.

In “Why does the United States flouridate water”, the United States is accused of putting flouride in drinking water. Not only is flouride used to clean your teeth, flouride was discovered to be toxic when a certain amount of it is consumed. Flouride has adverse affects on the central nervous system and is believed to lower IQ levels. It was also noted that flouride was an ingredient in the atomic bomb, used in WWII by President Eisenhower against the Japanese. I hope I dont go missing for thinking this, but if flouride was an enemy, it might have been implemented into the water supply to brainwash the world into a puppet controlled by what ever organization approved of water flouridation. I figure that everytime some out of the ordinary policy is made, there has to be some out of the ordinary organization that has some type of conspiracy in mind.

As it said in the podcast, the world was suppose to end 2000. There was suppose to be some type of worldwide computer crash but almost ten years later, here the world is. Still pretty crazy but nobody is dead and there are not any Zombies roaming the Earth. Clearly if everyone thought one thing the world would not exist today. Since that is not the case and no one knows when the world’s time is up it is pretty stupid to just guess whats going to happen. For all we know, the world can end tomorrow. This is why I found the “Why do people think the world is going to end in 2012” podcast so interesting. The casts outlines some possiblee occurrences that suppose to take place December 21, 2012. Some say the sun is goin to explode while others believe some secret cult/organization is going to attempt to take over Earth with aid from aliens whose planet may crash on Earth. Regardless of what MAY happen, I am going to live my life like 2012 is just another year. Really that is all it is. People should stop living on speculation and just live.

Recently, I read a blog call “Stop seeing the man’s skin color” , by a man known as Denver aka Denversings. This blog was  his response to Darius Rucker being named the first African American to win the title of The Best New Artist of The Year. He brought up a very sensable point when  he said that it was people talking about a person’s skin complexion that keeps racism going today. Denver went on to say how black people are not mentally disabled people who have just crossed the finish line. Why couldnt he have been just another person to win that title? It is 2009 about to be 2010 and people are still classifying everyone by something they can not help. As Denver said, “What is wrong with Darius Rucker?” It is kind of implying that it is a feet that he out of all people received the spoken title. Racism can not be stopped by talking about ways to fix it or by announcing minority pioneers on unknown grounds.  Cudos Denver for a very inciteful example of a way to make the world a little friendlier.

The way I look at it, we are all people that are born the same, live with basically the same needs  to survive, will eventually die, and we are the superior species more or less on Earth. There is no need for us to classify ourselves as if we were animals. Things are made so difficult when people have to look at someone and before they know them, judge them by their race. The problem is too loud to turn down. Only way to mute the volume of racism is too basically be quiet and talk to everyone as a person.

When i attended the Success Series for jump starting your personal finances with Peter Bielagus, I learned about some of the different ways a person can invest in their future. My favorite was Mr. Bielagus’ story about a person who started out saving pennies and any loose change. That person after compiling what i like to sometimes call “chump change” came up with a very large amount of cash. This story helped me realize the importance of saving my loose change and any money that i am not using. I used to throw pennies, dimes, and even quarters from time to time but now i will gladly catch them and deposit them into a safe place out of my reach so i can always have a back up stash. My Mom always told me that pennies made dollars and attending the Jumpstarting Your Personal Finances seminar made me more aware of that idea. The information I learned about savings was even more beneficial and important to me now since I am not working at the moment.

Mr. Bielagus also informed us of a way that our savings could earn interest when we invest it. I thought about this as like a second job for when I graduated from college. While i would have my primary job, i could be making money by putting money into my savings and not touching it so the interest could pile on top of my original amount of cash. He demonstrated this process by asking a volunteer from the audience who had a dollar to give it to him and he doubled it and continued to do so until the dollar was a ten-dollar bill. Mr. Bielagus’ presentation gave me some very important information about how I could keep college from causing me and my family from going bankrupt from its many expenses.

When I first learned of Facebook, I learned of Twitter. Since Facebook seemed to be the popular out of the two, I created one. Twitter seemed like it was not necessary if i had Facebook. Just another password to remember so to speak Lol!  After getting a Twitter account for our one week of Twitter, I saw that Twitter was just another Facebook.  However, I noticed that Twitter was almost the perfect social network for professional networking being that there area lot of people on Twitter.

Twitter first struck me as a nosy social network for its Facebook like status update that asked, “What are you doing.” I actually found myself quickly addicted to checking my Twitter and giving updates as if it was my Facebook account. On the down side however, I found it aggravating going back and forth between Facebook and Twitter to check each. However, Twitter’s value rose on my scale when i was introduced to a way to update my Twitter and Facebook simultaneously by putting “#FB” right after my update.

Getting twenty tweets in a week, I found to come extremely natural.  Maybe a little too natural at sometimes in the week. I found that it was very hard to resist answering the question of the status update. To keep from getting twenty tweets in the time span of a day, i had to limit how much i actually logged on to Twitter.

Not only is Twitter a great way to network professionally but…….Honestly, despite Twitter’s addictive nature, I fail to actually understand the purpose of Twitter. Especially when there are social networks out there like Facebook and MySpace. Twitter seems like a cliche of the two that just does not include all the same ways of sharing information. However, I did recognize Twitter as a tool of making connections. If everyone in the world shared what they were doing at one time, it is guaranteed that someone is doing the same thing I am. If I just so happen to be following that person on Twitter, I can have a connection with someone I never thought I could. If I responded to their status update, it could lead to a very beneficial relationship all because me and another person had one thing in common and we made a connection.

FYE 1220 ropes course

My first thought when hearing about the ropes course was that I would have to climb some ropes and go to high places. I was relieved to find that southern adventures showed me and my class mates important problem solving skills and ways to reach a solution. I’m still kind of ticked off that my circle were not able to undo the human knot. Out of this failure though, I learned that when you are in any problematic situation where you had to think your way out of the situation, along with other people, it is important to communicate and use the resources available at your disposal. At the same time though it was important to be respectful of the other people’s ideas and keep an open mind that was willing to try what ever was necessary to escape.

The log full of animals made me think and work with others to put the mass of the animals in order. It required proper balance and clear negotiation to accomplish the task which required everyone to keep a level head and juggle the obstacles. Since we were only allowed to communicate using our animal’s call and could only touch the ground three times, it became a theme that it was important to make wise usage of the resources made available to you because more than likely, they would not have been available if you did not need them.

Actually the name for the class begin to make sense after coming to the ropes course. I noticed that i was able to take the techniques I learned from Southern Adventures involving problem solving and team work and apply them to other situations such as school and class work. The whole point seemed to suggest that connections could be made between all problems and they can be solved virtually in the same way. The trip to them woods showed me that it was good to be resourceful and develop problem solving methods that allowed me to break down problems and think up a solution.  If our FYE class was to return to Southern Adventures and they would by chance give us some new challenges,  everyone would listen to the instructions from the guides and use what we have to get where we need.